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Director at heart


Long story short... I grew up in a city that was established by Spanish conquerors in the early 1500’s (Mexico City). THIS WAS WAY BEFORE MY TIME! Anyway at an early age I developed an interest in filmmaking which was forever burned into my creative DNA and made me always wonder "How do they do it?". That ignited my interest in filmmaking and production.


I have worked far and wide around the world for global and local brands. My career started in Mexico, then I moved to the USA to explore new opportunities. My career as a producer spans over 20 years of experience in live TV production, advertising & integrated productions, and content creation. But my creative mind and love of cinematography naturally led me to become a director that understands and is not afraid of any project; small or large. I love to direct content for any medium.


Some fun facts about me: I learned to play ice hockey in Mexico City. I took tequila shots with Axl Rose and Slash. I crashed one of Sean Penn's after parties and had a drink with him. Also I'm a black belt in Taco eating.

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